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Quber, USA Smart CAR Solution market expansion.

Quber small- and medium-sized businesses were recognized competitive in the USA Smart CAR market.
Domestic enterprises for the first time entered the USA Smart CAR platform market.

Quber infortainment platform is a vehicle up to the RV manufacturer Winnebago USA
announced an agreement that provides for the Android Soultion.

Quber is an Android Open Source Platform (AOSP) company.
Is a pure AOSP Android OS is except services like google map, Gmail, Google play on Android.

Quber Android Soulution Winnebago is mounted on the vehicle production in the second half of the year.
Winnebago is the industry accounted for 20% market share in the USA RV market top companies.

Quber Solution can be used as a Mobile Service in the vehicle.
When you connect your phone to the car’s USB port it is moved to show the functionality available in the mobile to the car center screen.
Navigation, can use the Music, Internet, Radio, Mutilmedia Play, Satellite Radio, Bluetooth, Podcast and more.
Android-based, but can be used for both the Apple and Android Mobile device.

Everyone is driven ‘car play’ and ‘Android Auto’.
Miracast mirroring function is also available as a SmartPhone screen car monitor.

Photo, Movie play such Mutimedia Service is available only when the car is stopped driving for safety reasons.
Quber scored performance to extend business to Smart CAR broadcasting sector in this agreement.

Quber is terrestrial TV, cable TV, IPTV, satellite, etc. have been mainly offer Android-based OTT and Settop Box Solution for broadcasters.
Quber is currently exporting its OTT Device Solution containing even foreign broadcasters such as USA, Brasil, Russia, Turkey and Kenya.
Background From a Love Call Quber is due to solid technical strength.

Quber had participated in the KBS OTT trial in 2010, it was recognized as the technology such as supply Smart Settop Box Middleware in Japan NTT DoCoMo.

Lee jang Hee, Quber CEO has said “Quber recognizes the importance of Android in 2008 and has focused on developing AOSP”
“As a result, we often come to learn the technology from abroad, first contact,” he said.
Smart Device market is rapidly becoming more important as the Solution to increase.

Market research firm Strategy Analytics (SA) is also predicted to grow to $ 274 billion in 2017 World Smart CAR Market size is coming (about 310.47 trillion won).
The Google, Apple jumped lifting technology with the Smart CAR Market, existing automotive manufacturers, under intense competition to secure Solution.

Lee jang Hee, Quber CEO has said “Multimedia Informaiton in my SmartPhone can play in the car monitor, build a variety of apps that can drive Smart CAR Connected Automotive Environment our friendly user experience (UI) Smart CAR Life is possible, “said “Quber is Settop BOX, OTT, Smart CAR various Device to AOSP, which provides the company with the business will be expanded, ” he stressed.

Quber is a company established by merger INNODIGITAL and Daum TV.
The eminent companies such as KAON MEDIA, Daum KAKAO, Crucialtec has been involved as a major shareholder.
Unlike Linux-based Settop BOX equipped to create a competitive and Android Middlewar Hybrid Settop Box.