Accommodating all of the services to one Platform and
optimize them on android smart Device.

Quber, a global leader in the Android AOSP solution,
has a vision to expand the business into various fields such as Smart car in ICT, Iot etc.

(Android Open Source Project)

Smart CAR, IOT

Hybrid OTT Device

Smart Media Device
& Media Platform

Gateway& Smart TV Module

HDMI Dongle

Securing various products, application & platform

Quber has aimed that strives to provide a variety of family and Application/Platform
at broadcasting/telecommunications/Internet providers and
TV/STB device manufacturers and distributors of electronic products, SI operators.

[ Chipset & Solution ]

[ Business Cooperation & Service Interworking ]

[ Security & Application ]

Our growth

Achievement status of
hybrid OTT Solution Specialist

SETP 1. 2015 Enable existing customers and new customers excavation
STEP 2. 2016 New customers accelerate revenue
STEP 3. 2017 Increased royalty revenues and improve sales force

Quber has a goal to expand
its various business model in ICT,
not only Android STB but also
smart car and so on.

  • Optimized platform for TV solution
  • Expansion as a standalone product
  • Sales platform for Smart Media device
  • Entry into Smart Car Solution market